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The overarching aim of NIMIA is the introduction of novel digital biomarkers forming prognostic models that can identify the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) progression from the pre-clinical phase to early MS and later stages

The long-term goal of NIMIA is to develop, apply and validate a set of digital biomarkers that will allow comprehensive monitoring of disease activity, including the timely detection of relapses, the transitioning of RRMS to SPMS, and the continuous assessment of important health-related variables. Thus, NIMIA will transform the everyday management of MS, introducing a personalized and holistic approach in line with the principles of precision medicine. One particularly important aspect of NIMIA for both the preclinical and clinical arms of the study is the active engagement of patients in the process of disease monitoring and management with the creation of the NIMIA Community under a co-creation approach. Giving people living with MS the opportunity to actively engage in understanding and managing their disease can be empowering and is increasingly important, as therapeutic decisions are now mostly made in partnership between the doctor and the patient.

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